NEBOSH and IOSH Approved Safety Institute in India - M2Y AcademyNEBOSH and IOSH Approved Safety Institute in India - M2Y AcademyNEBOSH and IOSH Approved Safety Institute in India - M2Y Academy


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IOSH Certifications

International recognized Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Training and Professional Certifications
IOSH Managing Safely
IOSH Certifications

Since there is less time and money involved in this IOSH certifications course, every sector prefers that such courses be taken in their organization, which is why IOSH is well-known for the short-term courses that it offers to all participants.

  1. Module -1: Introducing managing safely
  2. Module-2: Assessing risks.
  3. Module -3: Controlling risks.
  4. Module -4: Understanding responsibilities.
  5. Module -5: Understanding hazards.
  6. Module -6: Investigating incidents.
  7. Module -7: Measuring performance.
Who Should Attend
  1. Anyone in a management or supervisory position who wants to learn why and how to successfully manage safety within their business should take the IOSH Managing Safely course.
  2. Participants in IOSH Managing Safely learn the fundamentals of efficient health and safety management, from risk analysis and risk to developing control methodologies to comprehending individual and corporate responsibilities.
  3. Additionally, the course teaches critical information on the significance of incident investigations and how to conduct one in order to determine the underlying causes of incidents and reduce the likelihood that similar incidents will occur again.
  4. In order to promote a healthy and safe workplace culture inside organizations, IOSH Managing Safety offers essential information on how to develop inspiring and effective performance goals and monitor progress toward them.
Course Methodology

Both written course material and relevant videos are included in the course. Participants are asked to share their evaluations with the larger group for discussion as part of the course’s delivery, which includes a substantial quantity of small-group work and group discussions.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  1. Utilize risk assessment techniques to determine and evaluate the health and safety concerns confronting their organization.
  2. Create procedures to limit or reduce these hazards in order to reduce organizational risk.
  3. Recognize your health and safety responsibilities, both personally and professionally.
  4. Know how to conduct investigations into incidents to reduce the likelihood of occurrence.
  5. Create techniques for evaluating performance in relation to health and safety requirements.
IOSH certifications
Target Audience
  1. Worldwide managers and supervisors in every industry and organization should use IOSH Managing Safely. To address the safety and health hazards they are in charge of, the training equips participants with the necessary information, abilities, and resources.
  2. Furthermore, Managing Safely provides a strong argument for the inclusion of safety and health as a regular element of management and business activities
Target Competencies
  1. Hazard identification
  2. Risk assessment and risk ranking
  3. Health and safety-critical control selection and implementation
  4. Incident investigation tools
  5. Performance measurement.

Successful participants are awarded an IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

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