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Why NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate?

In today’s world, environmental concerns are at the forefront of organizational priorities. With a push towards sustainability and achieving Net-Zero goals, companies understand the importance of managing their environmental impact.

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is a qualification that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to address these environmental challenges effectively.

Who Can Take NEBOSH Environmental Training?

This course suits a wide range of individuals, including environmental professionals, health and safety professionals, managers, supervisors, and those interested in environmental management responsibilities.

There are no formal entry requirements, but a minimum standard of English proficiency is necessary.

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate Overview:

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate covers UK, EU, and International Standards. It comprises two units that must be completed within five years to earn the qualification:

Unit EMC1: Management and Control of Environmental Aspects
  • Foundations in Environmental Management
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Assessing Environmental Aspects and Impacts
  • Planning for and Dealing with Environmental Emergencies
  • Control of Emissions to Air
  • Control of Environmental Noise
  • Control of Contamination of Water Sources
  • Control of Waste and Land Use
  • Sources and Use of Energy and Energy Efficiency
Unit EMC2: Assessing Environmental Aspects and Associated Impacts
  • Practical Assessment:
    • EMC1: Scenario-based assessment completed at home within 24 hours.
    • EMC2: Three-hour practical assessment conducted in your workplace or a suitable environment.
Assessment Schedule:
  • Exams are held four times a year.
Course Assessment:
  • EMC1: Examination
    • Candidates review a real-life scenario and answer theoretical and practical questions.
    • The pass mark is 45%.
  • EMC2: Practical Assessment
    • Learners assess environmental aspects and impacts in their workplace.

A ‘Pass’ in both units is required to achieve the environmental management certificate.

NEBOSH Environmental Course Benefits:

For Individuals:
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of environmental management systems, legislation, and best practices.
  • Learn to identify, assess, and manage environmental risks within an organization, contributing to risk reduction and compliance.
  • Develop communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills to contribute effectively to environmental management initiatives.
  • Opportunities for further study at the Diploma level.
For Organizations:
  • Fulfill legal obligations and minimize environmental impact.
  • Prevent reputational and financial damage from environmental incidents.
  • Lower expenses by optimizing resource usage and potentially reducing insurance premiums.

Benefits of Getting the NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate:

  1. Enhance Your Career: Show your commitment to environmental excellence and social responsibility, boosting your career prospects.
  2. Global Recognition: NEBOSH Certificates are respected worldwide, signalling to employers that you’ve received top-notch training and possess valuable knowledge.
  3. Support ISO 14001 Implementation: Gain the knowledge and skills to assist in introducing and maintaining the environmental management standard ISO 14001 within your organization.

Issue of Certificates:

Certificates are usually issued within 40 working days from the result declaration date.

For more details about the course, visit NEBOSH’s website.

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